Welcome to Draco's 4dopt Wiki!

From the website homepage:

"4dopt is a site where artists can upload layered images, allowing their adoptables to be heavily customizable. Make the most adoptables with hex fills, hue, saturation, and brightness modifiers, multiply, clipping masks, and more. Randomize, breed, and collect! Artist decide how their species and items are used, and players get to enjoy them!"

4dopt is a pet site where users can submit their own unique species and items for other people to adopt and collect! As someone who loves creature design and really wanted to make my own pet site one day, I absolutely had to join, and I really like it so far! The game is in its beta stage at the moment, so it's far from perfectly bug-free and finished, but if you're interested in the same kind of stuff as I am I totally recommend joining. (Pretty much all of the website pages are only visible to registered users too, so... that's another reason to join lol)

if you're seeing this text the page probably didn't load correctly, oops

I made this page to serve as a database for all the species, items, and other things I created for the site. It's got basic info for everything such as spawn locations, stats, and uses, along with expanded lore for every species and sneak peeks at unreleased/WIP content! Check out the page index on the left to get started!