"Paleopups (Canisaurus familiaris) are lab-created novelty companions that resemble small, furred theropods. They have the approximate intelligence of a young child or trained dog, and are favored as pets for their cute appearance and sweet, jovial demeanor. In almost all cases, they are very friendly, social, and trusting, especially around humans and other sapient species. (future updates currently planned: plume dimorphism + more shapes (female paleopups have one set of head feathers, while males have two! until this update, all hatched and generated paleopups will be male), "mutation" traits including gemstone spikes and multiple tails, bioluminescent markings; breeding is disabled until further notice due to unforeseen errors, sorry about that!)"

The species mascot, Ruther

4dopt Info

Canon Stats

  • Diet: omnivorous with a preference for insects, fruit, and cooked or prepared food
  • Avg. Lifespan: 50 years
  • Avg. Size: 3-5 ft. tall
  • Classification: monotreme (mammal)
Release Date: April 22, 2022
  • Species Stats:
    • Friendliness (social), Fluffiness (grooming), Companionship (education)
  • Breeding: N/A
  • Naming Groups: Cute, Science
  • Found in: Laboratory, Dark Cave, Grassland
  • Items: Femur (transform), Dino Nuggies (transform), Pup Egg (hatch), Shale Fossil (transform)
  • Lore


    Paleopups are bipedal creatures similar in appearance to miniature theropodal dinosaurs. Their bodies are covered in soft, fluffy fur, with shorter fur on their faces and paws, and have lionlike manes around their heads and necks. Along their backs are small spikes that run from the middle of their torso to a short way down the center of their tails. They can come in a variety of different colors, with virtually any markings and patterns one can imagine. Paleopup tails typically resemble that of other mammals, such as wolves, cats, dogs, or deer. Their tail length affects their posture, with longer tails allowing a more balanced, raptor-like stance, and short tails causing them to stand straighter. One of the most unique features of the species is the long feather plumes on their temples, which are the main distinction between male and female pups; males have two sets, while females have only one.


    Created by GENSO (Genetically Engeneered Natural Science Organization) Labs, Paleopups were made to be customizable companions from the start. Using dinosaur, domesticated canine, and dragon DNA (as well as some other unidentified genetic material), the scientists at GENSO sought to create the most loyal, friendly, and adorable creatures they could for their customers to adopt. Due to the fact that they were originally meant to be purely lab-made, most paleopups cannot reproduce naturally, and are most often purchased through special orders to the laboratory itself.


    Paleopups are solely domesticated creatures, meaning that they do not often appear in the wild unless abandoned by their previous owners. The survival rate of "wild" paleopups is typically rather low, unless they are taken in by new caretakers. However, those who do manage to survive on their own often form their own groups, or "clans", typically made up of around seven to eleven individuals each with specified roles.


    As previously stated, paleopups were made specifically to be human companions. They have a level of intelligence similar to a small child or trained dog, and tend to be very social and playful around others. Pups can understand human language very well, but are unable to speak, instead relying on body language and noises such as barks or chirps to communicate. Their "voices" sound similar to that of husky or shiba inu dogs, meaning that they can be quite loud and irritating at times, particularly when scared, excited, or angry.

    Trivia/Fun Facts

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