"Notorious for being loud and obnoxious, popjacks are essentially living computer viruses disguised as pop-up ads. Their only purpose is to infect electronic devices and increase their population, which they attempt to achieve by harassing humans and other beings with their bright colors and flashy designs. This behavior rarely ever works as intended, but that doesn't stop them from trying."

The species mascot, GlitchDangers

4dopt Info

Canon Stats

  • Diet: unknown, presumably electric energy
  • Avg. Lifespan: unknown
  • Avg. Size: varies greatly; minimum recorded is 3in, maximum is 4ft
  • Classification: artificial/AI
Release Date: May 5, 2022
  • Species Stats:
    • Bandwidth (education), Clicks (social), FPS (workout), Tabs Open (grooming), Devices Infected (alchemy)
  • Breeding: N/A
  • Naming Groups: Mad, Science
  • Found in: Factory, Closet, Dark Cave, Void, Solar Farm, Old Shed
  • Items: Cute-Looking File (hatch), Broken Monitor (hatch), Dubious Installer (hatch), Glitched Egg (hatch), Plushjack (transform), Suspicious Disk (egg/transform), POPJACK.exe (egg/transform), Dubious File (egg)
  • Lore


    Extremely unusual and pixelated in appearance, popjacks are entirely digital creatures. They appear in the "real world" as two-dimensional browser tabs with protruding body parts, with pieces such as heads, tails, and limbs each in their own window. Popjacks are always very brightly colored, sometimes so much so that it hurts to look at them. Their bodies are very geometric and simple in shape, with blocky hands, flat mouths, and angular "hair", as well as perfectly oval-shaped eyes. Their eyes function similarly to computer screens, allowing individuals to change their pupil shape and display words or symbols at will.


    The first popjack was said to be the result of a coding experiment gone haywire; originally a simple computer program, this first "copy" mutated into a sentient virus through unknown means and began to spread. How and why this event occurred is a mystery, and so is how they managed to cross from the digital world into reality. As the use of electronic devices by the general public became more frequent, more opportunities for popjacks to infect and multiply arose, allowing the population to grow steadily. Thankfully, having a popjack install itself onto a device does not have too much of a negative effect, but does end up allowing the individual access to personal files, as well as letting them drain the battery life of the device and slowing down its performance.


    These enigmatic beings can be found pretty much anywhere, as long as there is some sort of cell service or internet connection in the area. They can transfer themselves through electronic devices such as computers or phones, and also "store" themselves within hard drives and disks for easier transportation. Popjacks mainly live in their digital tabs, with the windows serving a similar purpose to the shell of a turtle. The minimum amount of open tabs they must have is one, with two being the average; there seems to be no limit on how many can be open at a time, though having too many can drain energy and slow an individual down. When resting, hiding, or for any other reason really, popjacks can "minimize" their tabs and shrink into a smaller "shortcut" form.


    Popjacks are notorious for being irritatingly energetic and loud. Their main purpose is presumed to be convincing humans to allow them to infect electronic devices in order to multiply, and they most often (attempt to) do so through horribly persuasive and flashy advertisement displays. Capable of using any sound, music, or voice clip online to "speak", a popjack will often adjust its content and tactics based on the behavior of its target audience in an attempt to boost performance.

    Trivia/Fun Facts

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