my homemade plush collection, hand-sewn by me :]

"Tuesday the Hyena"
pattern: Laying Wolf by Noxxplush
material: fleece
date: 8-27 to 8-31-21



patterns owned:

(* = not used yet, $ = cost money)

Humanoid Animals Clothes/Extras
- Chibi Human Doll by Cholyknight $
- Chibi Merfolk Doll by Cholyknight $*
- Chibi Centaur Doll by Cholyknight $*
- Chibi Plague Doctor by Cholyknight $*
- Laying Wolf by Noxxplush $
- T-Rex by Cholyknight
- Dragon/Wyvern by Cholyknight $*
- Long (Eastern) Dragon by Cholyknight $*
- Chibi Horror Animals by Cholyknight $
- MLP Mini Laying Beanie by My Little Waifu *
- Bat by Cholyknight
- Kero & Suppi by Cholyknight
- Merfolk Expansion Pack by Cholyknight $*
- Doll Kigurumi by Cholyknight $
- "Essentials" Doll Clothing by Cholyknight $*
- Puffy Paw (Fursuit) by Kloofsuits $

if you're looking to get into plush making, i rly reccommend these pattern makers! cholyknight especially has a ton of adorable patterns with varying levels of difficulty, plus some free ones on her website here if you don't want to spend too much!

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