Heya, the name's Hazel. Normally I'm the Halloween guy, but since the webmaster didn't do much for it this year, my pals and I decided we'd combine it with Christmas; like that one movie, y'know?

Anyways, from the 13th to the 25th, there'll be a new prize thingy every day or so for visitors like yourself to collect. But instead of just having you save and repost it, we decided to make it a little more interactive.

This widget here works kinda like a webring, if you're familiar with that type of stuff. Just fill out that little text box area below with the needed info (site, name, stuff like that) once a day, and if you put the widget code somewhere on your site, you'll have your very own little collection box with every gift you claim! It'll look like this:

Pretty cool, eh?

* Todays gifts are...

a nicely wrapped gift, a pumpkin ornament, a webby snowflake, and a ginger-dead man!

[[Refreshes daily at around 10:00 PM EST! Come back tomorrow to claim the next gift!]]

Check-in form:

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(if a few days have passed and you're still not listed, just message me directly through discord @ TheEnderDraco#2724!)