yknow like the guy from deltarune

fluffton ♂

D.O.B. : 12/27/21
breed: spamton
parents: n/a

my man! the one who started it all. i downloaded this game just for him. just a little guy who is scared of everything. he also has a nice shirt.

neofloof ♀

D.O.B. : 12/27/21
breed: spamton neo
parents: n/a

my other starter. very judgmental. originally male but got her gender transed

spamt ♂

D.O.B. : 1/3/22
breed: spamton neo (winged)
parents: n/a

the cooler neofloof, but similar in personality bc they have the same base breed lmao. somehow more sassy and judgmental than neofloof