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Welcome to my 3DS shrine! Unfortunately I never got to experience Miiverse, I just thought it would make a cool title lul. More text to come soon.

Favorite Games: 3DS

Miitopia (2017)
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Hours (as of [date]): hours

One of- if not my absolute favorite- Nintendo games! I really love Miitopia, it's super fun and pretty darn hilarious! As a matter of fact, I've dedicated an entire shrine page to it already!

Animal Crossing: New Leaf
(Welcome Amiibo ver)
Started: Jun. 21, 2019
Hours (as of [date]): hours
Town Name: Nunya
Local Fruit: pears

Though I haven't played it as often recently, I do love New Leaf a lot! It's one of the reasons I wanted a 3DS in the first place, lol. My favorite villagers that I've had are definitely Ricky (miss you buddy ;-;) and Apollo.

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Favorite Games: Wii

Mario Kart Wii (2008)
Main: Baby Mario

The game, the myth, the legend. Iconic. Amazing. 10/10. I've only played single player mode but I like to think that I've absolutely crushed all those AIs every time.