BJDs / Ball-Jointed Dolls

BJDs, or ball-jointed dolls, are specialty dolls characterized by their ball-and-socket joints. Unlike most mass-produced fashion dolls, they are made of multiple seperate (typically resin, but plastic and clay are sometimes used) pieces and strung together with elastic cord. Each doll is created by either a company (one example being Dream Valley, my personal favorite) or an individual artist, and are usually hand sculpted or 3D modeled & printed before being cast. Due to the pricey resin used to make them, BJDs tend to be very expensive, $200-$300 minimum in most cases. Despite this, I'm really fascinated by these dolls; there are so many unique sculpts and creative ideas in the world of BJD sculptors, and I do want to collect some myself one day (and am currently trying to sculpt my own!).

dream dolls ...

She is a dragon

Artist: Spirit Imprint

OH. MY. GOODNESS. ABSOLUTE DREAM DOLLS... so pretty!! so elegant!! im a sucker for anthros and rly slim n sleek looking dragon characters so i'm absolutely in love w this design omg...


Artist: LeddyKatt

JUST!!! YOOOOOO I LOVE HER SO MUCH,,, she actually looks a surprising amount like the bjd i'm working on lol, not a bad thing tho!! i love the big ol hambs and jointed fingers, she's super cool... also i heard she's going to be casted in resin by one of my fav bjd resin artists OddbodyDolls, who does absolutely spectacular unique casts,,, can't wait to see what that'll look like :0

Doll Name: Fred

Artist: ohapiday

I LOVE HIM SO MUCH,,, ive never seen a dino doll like this!! he's adorable, super well sculpted too, and the moving jaw + toe claws are just. *chefs kiss* amazing. i love. i'll take 20.


Artist: Mr.Hellwis

like the She is a dragon dolls, i love the whole elegant reptile lady concept,,, oh!! and did i mention the jointed fingers? so freaking COOL and PRETTY and AHHHHHH!!!!!


Artist: Daftpatiencedolls

AHH ONE OF MY FAVS!! their preorder is coming soon (june i think?) and i've been saving up to buy one :] i love the chunky legs, and their lil horns are so cute,,,,

Zodiac series

Artist: Digi-Dolls

also cuties!! i was originally going to save up for one of these, but the second preorder was cancelled unfortunately :( my fav is def the bunny one!