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Red Market

Hidden within the walls of the Rotrock Rim, the Red Market is home to the mysterious and villainous Red Swarm. Here, illicit goods and services are offered to those who are brave enough to enter.

The Red Swarm is a rebellious organization embracing the vicious, primal side of the clan’s Plague heritage. They believe that the leaders are incompetent and wish to replace them. Made up of alchemists, assassins, warriors, and even those who were forced in unwillingly, these dragons are quite dangerous and are best avoided. 

        Within this subclan lies a deadly hierarchy; the lowest of the swarm are common thieves. Above these relatively harmless members are the undragons; those who aren't fully dragon in blood or nature, ranging from the undead to feral dragon-animal hybrids or ethereal beings. These "creatures', despite their low status in the swarm, can be highly dangerous and are best avoided.

        The highest class of the swarm is that of the assassins.