The Google Sites Archive

The sub-sites linked here are archived versions of Google sites I made when I was younger, brought over to Neocities because of the unfortunate death of Classic Sites. Due to their previous hosting site, their code has become too complex, long, and annoying to edit, meaning that I cannot make changes and whatever plans I had for them back in the day unfortunately can't be accomplished. (This also means that there's no easy way to insert a link back here, so... sorry about that.) Maybe one day I'll remake one of these, but for now I've just uploaded them here to preserve how they were meant to be, instead of being forced to convert to the new Sites format.

Draco's Dragcave - Dragon Cave & Magistream fan site + click farm (VERY IMAGE HEAVY, click at your own risk! certain pages may take a while to load)

Clan Scrapland - Flight Rising fan site, made as a sort of wiki for my lair