Script/Image Sources

HTML/JS codes:

Spinny Text Cursor ~ Comet Cursor ~ Image Trail Cursor 1 ~ Image Trail Cursor 2 ~ Draggable Images ~ Bouncy Images ~ Link Tooltip
Falling Leaves/Snow ~ Floating Bubble Cursor ~ Live Clock HTML ~ Image Crawler/Interactive Marquee ~ DHTML Live Countdown
Graphics/Text/Mouse effects (fireworks, bubble cursor, etc) ~ Content Slideshow ~ YouTube Music Player ~ CRT TV Filter
Save Image of Div ~ Dollmaker Code ~ Open Modal on Page Load ~ Change Div Text With Textarea Input

Game Scripts:

Snake ~ Breakout ~ Tic-Tac-Toe ~ Tetris ~ Clicker game tutorial

Graphic/asset sources: (if not listed here linked thru image/listed on original page)

Food + Drink Potions - Terraria Wiki ~ horrorgifs (spooky retro gifs and MIDIS) ~ Windows 98 Icon Database ~ Seadramon Cursor Set
Scenecore Graphics Tumblr ~ Cookie Run: Kingdom character info icons (compiled by me)

My Graphics: (F2U, credit not required but appreciated!)


(split version for longer/shorter shelves)

88x31 Buttons/Stamps/Blinkies

Handy resources:

Special Text Generators

Rainbow Text Generator ~ Animated Text Maker ~ ASCII Art Editor
Glitter Text Maker ~ 3D Text GIF Maker ~ Google Icon Database ~ Undertale/Deltarune Font ~ Pixel Font Editor ~ Haunted Mansion Font

Graphic Makers

Button Generator ~ Error Message Generator ~ Favicon Generator ~ 88x31 Button Maker ~ Photomosh (photo FX) ~'s 88x31 Button Maker ~ Userbox Maker


HTML Table Generator ~ W3Schools (HTML Tutorials, very useful!!) ~ HTML Code Generator
CSS Grid Generator ~ The Neo-Glossary

Other Helpful Tools


Music sources: (youtube to ogg, hosted thru discord)

Ruler of Everything (bonerofeverything.html) ~ Youtube audio player embed