The Haunted Mansion: Media Review

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Welcome, foolish mortals, to Draco's Haunted Mansion: Media Review! Here, like the title says, I'll be reviewing (almost) every piece of official Haunted Mansion media (books, video, and comics) that's currently out (as of January 2022) and rating them based on the following criteria:


How good is it as a whole?

Ride Accuracy:

How well does it do the original ride justice?


Does it look good?


Is the story interesting and does it make sense?

Canon Character Treatment:

Does it actually include & involve any of the original ghosts?

New Characters:

If any non-canon characters are present, are they implemented well or just unneccessary?

Is it enjoyable?:

Is it entertaining and worth reading/watching?

Do I consider it canon?:

Self explanatory.

All of this is based on my own personal opinion from reading/watching each of the featured pieces myself. It's totally okay to disagree on my rankings, these are just my thoughts! I know pretty much every fan has their own version of what they believe is canon, which is really interesting to be honest; it's so cool how the different storylines that have been presented over the years have produced so many interpretations. (Oh, and by the way, there will likely be spoilers so if you haven't read/watched any of these and are planning to, here's your warning to get outta here and go do that before reading!)

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